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"I have learned so much about myself doing this retreat. My past will no longer be holding me back from being successful in the next chapter of my life. Sandra is an exceptional leader, an inspiration to all of us military women. She has proved to us that healing can only take place once you have control over your own life. Long live strong women!" -K

"I loved the mind mapping at the end as it allowed for me to bring everything together to create an improvement map. Sandra is an excellent, intuitive facilitator who is able to truly help people help themselves." -N

"This was so powerful and profound I can't imagine how to improve on that experience. The retreat helped me learn other ways of looking and thinking about my challenges. It has also given me hope and inspiration, having heard the stories of others. I feel loved by this group and that I can contact them for support and can be there to support them. Talking about things, sharing and becoming vulnerable in a safe environment is very powerful and healing." -A

"I have added to my tribe. I am able to see more possibilities. My cup is full of love as I leave here. This weekend granted me the gift of simply being present, being me. Filled with gratitude...thank you." -S

"This retreat helped me think differently, using positive language, mapping. I have a new support system - female tribe that I am desperately craving. Visualization. This experience has been the most incredible enlightenment of my life. It came at a time in my life when I needed it the most. I can't be more thankful for the experience."-L

"It has given me tools and thought processes to analyse and evaluate what is important. I have the ability to draw out potential options and not limit my logical mind." -K

Who, What, When, and Where



The Transitions Lifeshop™ is a two and a half day retreat composed of eight to ten women and one facilitator.  The participants are put through a series of exercises that will enable them to:

  • Recognize how transitions challenge our sense of identity. 
  • Embrace transitions as a wonderful opportunity for growth. 
  • Remind participants why they chose to make the change. 
  • Learn to create mind-maps as a way forward to eliminate limiting beliefs. 
  • Identify and build a unique support system. 
  • Become vulnerable and connected to the other participants in the Lifeshop™

The essential elements of this retreat was developed 50 years ago by Marcellin Perron in Dolbeau, Quebec. More than 4000 participants, both men and women, have attended the retreats which continue to be held to this day.

The retreat uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools to tap into limiting beliefs, meta-programs, and to help identify stress triggers and patterns. It is NOT therapy. It is NOT religious. It is an opportunity to connect with other participants at a very deep level, to develop profound friendships within only a few days, and to pull on resources that will enable participants to lean on one another through challenging transitions. 

Who should participate in these Lifeshops™?

TheseTransitions Lifeshop™ are designed for women: veterans, soon-to-be veterans, and/or wives or partners of veterans. 

Where will these Lifeshops™ be held?

There will be about 30 Transitions Lifeshop™ across the country in close proximity to the Canadian Military Bases. Each Lifeshop will be set in a cozy cabin or yurt. Participants will be advised of the location and the details once they have been selected and have committed to participate.    

IMPORTANT: Once a participant has committed to attend, it is very important that they do everything in their power to create the conditions that will enable them to show up and avoid cancelling at the last minute.

How long are the Lifeshops?

TheTransitions Lifeshops™ begin at 8pm on Day 1, and will end at noon on Day 3. Participants are requested to arrive by 7:30pm and must be committed to stay for the entire duration.

How much does it cost?

The Transitions Lifeshop™ is FREE as it has been paid for by former participants and sponsors. It includes lodging, meals and all the course materials. Participants need to provide their own transport to and from the Lifeshop’s location.

How do I apply?

The best way to sign up is to apply at the link below.  If you have any questions prior to signing up, write to us at admin@anewdynamicenterprise.com


2019 Schedule - Transitions Lifeshops™

NEW SCHEDULE!!! The following schedule is updated regularly but can change rapidly. Participants need to apply at the following link for the most up-to-date information: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LifeshopApplicationENGLISH

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For the most up-to-date schedule, please go to the following link:

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About Us

Changing the world...one relationship at a time

A New Dynamic Enterprise Inc.


A New Dynamic Enterprise (ANDE) was founded in 2011 by Line Marie Perron to broaden the reach of professional development opportunities. ANDE evolved out of a recognition that change happens within the context of relationships. ANDE represents the space or dynamics that exists between individuals, defining their relationships. A change in dynamics can greatly improve or diminish the quality of those relationships. ANDE has worked with government and various community organizations to provide training and leadership in an effort to improve the dynamics of relationships in a variety of contexts. 

ANDE’s mission is to create professional development opportunities that help individuals recognize the factors that contribute to the various relationships in their lives and helps them enhance their capacity for meaningful connections. We have supported professionals by providing a variety of trainings and workshops such as Mind Mapping, Working with Vulnerable Families, The Leadership Challenge, Supporting an Intergenerational Workforce, Powerful Engagement: A journey through health and wellness, and Trauma Informed Care

Our guiding values at ANDE are integrity, credibility and respect. ANDE is evidence-based and values the knowledge that comes from research and practice. Our training is built and adapted to the individual needs of our clients and always integrates a strong formative and summative evaluation to ensure results. 

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Your Lifeshop™ FAcilitator


Sandra Perron is a veteran, a bestselling author, and the Lifeshops facilitator.  She uses reflective training practices, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mind-mapping techniques throughout her training. For the last five years, she has been guiding workshop participants through the process of transitioning from lifelong careers towards new and rewarding adventures following retirement. She has also been the protégée of Marcellin Perron, the founder of Camp Service Jeunesse who designed the core retreat used as a reference to design this proposed Transitions Lifeshop™. 

Your lifeshop™ coordinator


Christine Carignan has had a brilliant 29-year career as a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. With five major deployments under her belt, she understands well the challenges, triumphs and adventures women can experience when they serve their country, and when they leave the organization towards which they are so dedicated.  She'll be guiding participants through the registration process and making sure they are well prepared for this adventure!

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