A New Dynamic Enterprise Inc.

A New Dynamic Enterprise (ANDE) was founded in 2011 by Line Marie Perron to broaden the reach of professional development opportunities. ANDE evolved out of a recognition that change happens within the context of relationships. ANDE represents the space or dynamics that exists between individuals, defining their relationships. A change in dynamics can greatly improve or diminish the quality of those relationships. ANDE has worked with government and various community organizations to provide training and leadership in an effort to improve the dynamics of relationships in a variety of contexts.

ANDE’s mission is to create professional development opportunities that help individuals recognize the factors that contribute to the various relationships in their lives and helps them enhance their capacity for meaningful connections. We have supported professionals by providing a variety of trainings and workshops such as Mind Mapping, Working with Vulnerable Families, The Leadership Challenge, Supporting an Intergenerational Workforce, Powerful Engagement: A journey through health and wellness, and Trauma Informed Care.

Our guiding values at ANDE are integrity, credibility and respect. ANDE is evidence-based and values the knowledge that comes from research and practice. Our training is built and adapted to the individual needs of our clients and always integrates a strong formative and summative evaluation to ensure results.

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Sandra Perron
Your Lifeshop™ Facilitator

Sandra Perron is a veteran, a bestselling author, and the Lifeshops™ facilitator. She uses reflective training practices, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mind-mapping techniques throughout her training. For the last five years, she has been guiding workshop participants through the process of transitioning from lifelong careers towards new and rewarding adventures following retirement. She has also been the protégée of Marcellin Perron, the founder of Camp Service Jeunesse who designed the core retreat used as a reference to design this proposed Transition Lifeshop™.

Christine Carignan
Your Lifeshop™ Coordinator

Christine Carignan has had a brilliant 29-year career as a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. With five major deployments under her belt, she understands well the challenges, triumphs and adventures women can experience when they serve their country, and when they leave the organization towards which they are so dedicated. She'll be guiding participants through the registration process and making sure they are well prepared for this adventure!

I have learned so much about myself doing this retreat. My past will no longer be holding me back from being successful in the next chapter of my life. Sandra is an exceptional leader, an inspiration to all of us military women. She has proved to us that healing can only take place once you have control over your own life. Long live strong women! – K